Bully Ray Reacts To Becky Lynch Getting Cheered During Cutting Edge Segment On SmackDown 1000

Despite WWE's best efforts to make Becky Lynch a heel with her SummerSlam attack on Charlotte Flair and her ensuing tactics, the WWE Universe has cheered Lynch like never before.

That was evident on SmackDown 1000 when Lynch was a guest on The Cutting Edge. Even though Lynch played the role of a heel to a T which included mocking Edge about his career-ending neck injury, the WWE Universe ate it up.

Bully Ray discussed the WWE Universe's reaction to the segment which is something the WWE likely didn't want.

"Did you hear anybody booing her on the line about the neck?" Bully Ray asked on Busted Open Radio.

"You put her in the ring with a guy the WWE Universe loves and respects and appreciates. He's an uber babyface and there was nothing that he could have said or did that would have changed people's opinions.

"[The fans] know that WWE is going to come at them from all angles to try and get you on the boo train when it comes to Becky. That's not gonna happen. They want her to be the girl. And she looks great playing the part of that snarky champion. She's hitting some great lines. She looks good with the belt."

Fans have been clamoring for Lynch to be a heel ever since her successful run as one while in NXT. But even in this role, fans are still cheering for her and that's a sign of a great character.

"There's nothing that Becky is doing right now that as a fan makes me wanna boo her despite the fact that everything she is doing right now should make me boo her," Bully Ray stated.

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Source: Busted Open Radio