Major Update Regarding Austin Aries' Status With Impact Wrestling Following Controversial BFG Finish

Last night Impact Wrestling ended their biggest PPV of the year, Bound For Glory, by crowning a new Impact Wrestling Champion in Johnny Impact. Johnny captured the title by defeating Austin Aries in a match that was the culmination of a controversial and heated feud. Including Aries taking personal shots at Johnny's wife, Taya Valkyrie, on Twitter.


Almost immediately after being pinned Aries leapt to his feet, stepped out of the ring, yelled a profanity at Don Callis and left while flipping off the crowd. It was a bizarre scene that left many at home, and in the ring, scratching their heads. Was this real? Or part of some outside the box story?

Bryan Alvarez notes in the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live that Aries has, "gone home," and will not be attending the Impact Wrestling TV tapings today, or tomorrow. Since Impact tapes weeks, sometimes months, in advance this means that Aries will not be included on Impact Wrestling TV for as long as the tapings are set to run.

To the best of Alvarez's knowledge Aries has not been fired by Impact Wrestling. This led Alvarez to speculate that while aspects of the feud may have been real, Aries and Johnny are likely working together now. With that said, the press conference brawl that the two engaged in before BFG does appear to have gotten, "a little out of control." Including one of the sponsors being pushed to the ground in the fracas. Apparently, Anthem and the sponsors had issues with how that press conference went down.