A civil war has been ongoing within Bullet Club ever since the beginning of the year, Wrestle Kingdom 12. It began with Cody and Kenny Omega warring over the leadership of Bullet Club and has seen the group fracture ever since. There are now two definitive factions within Bullet Club: Bullet Club ELITE and Bullet Club OG (aka Bullet Club Firing Squad).

As of late members of Bullet Club ELITE have begun to tease that their contracts with NJPW are up January 1st. Including a recent comment from Cody this past weekend at Legends Of The Ring that there won’t be an All In 2 because they were leaving for WWE. Adam Page was also gifted a pair of boots on Being The ELITE recently from a mysterious “- H” character. The implication seeming to be that Triple H was sending the ELITE members gifts to recruit them.

Bullet Club OG member Tama Tonga has outspokenly gone after BC ELITE on Twitter regarding their NJPW exit teases. Including this latest tweet that seems to suggest that at least some of the members of BC ELITE do intend to leave:

NJPW’s next big event is Power Struggle on November 3rd from Osaka, Japan. The only Bullet Club ELITE member that is currently booked in a match for the show is Kenny Omega. Omega will tag with Kota Ibushi, as The Golden Lovers, to take on Hiroshi Tanahashi and David Finlay. Fellow Bullet Club ELITE member Cody is the current IWGP United States Champion.

NJPW’s Road To Power Struggle events kick off today at 5:30 pm ET on njpwworld.com.