The Young Bucks Say That The Elite Is No Longer Part Of The Bullet Club

The much talked about free agency of about half the Bullet Club continues to gain stream through not only the ticking countdown and WWE related notes from "H" on Being the Elite, but through social media, as well.

Earlier this month, The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, and Adam Page tweeted out somewhat similar words about selling their "final Bullet Club style shirt" while adding, "it also might be my favorite." Also this month in a Twitter Q&A, Rhodes outright said "I'm 100% not in the Bullet Club."

On his cruise, Chris Jericho recorded an episode of Talk is Jericho with The Young Bucks, Adam Page, Cody Rhodes, Marty Scurll, and Kenny Omega. Matt Jackson spoke about the popular Being the Elite series, how it's evolved, and the six of them now going by "The Elite." Jackson confirmed that 'The Elite' are no longer a part of The Bullet Club.

"Myself, Kenny Omega and my brother, we attacked AJ Styles and called ourselves 'The Elite' of Bullet Club," Jackson said. "In the beginning it was a subgroup of the Bullet Club and we had a lot of fun, we decided to start a traveling vlog of May of [2016], called Being the Elite. After awhile, Nick, Kenny, and I realized there's only so many times we can show us going through airport security. So, we should probably introduce some new characters. Obviously, our first choice was to pick our friends from our unit, Bullet Club, because naturally we travel with these guys, we hang out with these guys, and we do basically everything together."

Jackson continued that over time fans have organically separated the BTE guys from the Bullet Club, so the group name change is more of a natural progression for them.

"For a long time now, it seems like everybody kind of excluded [The Elite] and we got called 'The Being the Elite Guys,' 'BTE Guys,' or 'The Elite,'" Jackson said. "It's not like I'm going to make this crazy announcement because it just feels natural, right? I think everyone on the ship can agree, it's not just Kenny, me, and Nick as The Elite, we're all elite. So, from this very day forward, why don't we just call all of us The Elite?"

As noted, Cody, The Young Bucks, and Page are looking to make their next move as a group since their contracts are up relatively around the same time. You can see Nick Jackson's full comments in the video below.

Last week, Tama Tonga tweeted out a Bullet Club group photo, making it pretty clear who's in the stable.