Exclusive: Johnny Impact Comments On His Elimination From Survivor

All good things must come to an end and so was the case of Johnny Impact on Survivor. He was on the current David vs. Goliath season and lasted until Day 22 before being voted out on Wednesday's show.

The show wrapped up filming in the spring but Impact had been tight-lipped about his time on the show, until now. Fresh off his elimination, Impact joined Nick Hausman for a WInc podcast exclusive where he talked about being voted off the Survivor island this past Wednesday night.

"Everyone who saw that show could probably guess that I was surprised to be the victim of the Brochacho blindside," admitted Impact. "Man, I was a little overconfident going into my final tribe and that's what happens when you get overconfident in Survivor you get got."

Impact was originally in the Goliaths tribe but later switched to the Tiva tribe. He was willing to abandon his Brochacho alliance he formed with Dan and Christian as he saw that as his best chance for victory.

"Clearly it wasn't the right decision [to abandon the Brochachos], but to me it made sense logically," stated Impact. "The Goliaths had the numbers and Christian was, in my opinon, the biggest threat. If we all decided to vote him out, we could keep all of the Goliaths happy and then go up 7-to-4 in the numbers and continue to knock out Davids.

"I knew at some point it wouldn't be Davids vs. Goliaths anymore and we'd start cannibalizing each other."

Impact also talked about life on the island and his experiences going fishing. He stated he was a really good spear fisherman in high school and got to put his skills to use in Fiji.

"I don't even know if they have this anywhere, but there was a funny scene where Dan and I paddled the raft out and both of us are having a hard time getting fish. I shot a pufferfish and I didn't know what to expect, but it puffed up just like they do in the cartoons. Pufferfish are super dangerous also, so I was kind of freaking out because they have spikes and toxins," said Impact.

"So, I shot the thing and it was on the spear and it was trying to get off. But spears have barbs too so I couldn't get it off. I swam up to the raft and I was like, 'Hey Dan, take the spear! It's a puffer fish!'"

"'What? I don't want to take it,'" replied Dan.

"Get up! You're on the raft and I'm in the water," Impact responded. "I don't want this thing to get ticked off and spike me!"

Impact then talked about how when he was in high school he had a wetsuit on, but in Fiji he was just in his underwear.

"The last thing you want is an angry pufferfish to charge at your thigh or something," said Impact.

Now safely back in the United States, Impact will take part in the Impact Wrestling Homecoming pay-per-view on Jan. 6, 2019. VIP tickets to the event go on sale this Monday and more information can be found here.

Fans can find out more about Impact Wrestling's VIP experience for Homecoming by listening to Impact superfan Will's interview that follows Johnny Impact's. Will has attended more Impact VIP events than any other fan.


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