DDP Talks Chris Jericho "Owning It At A Different Level", David Arquette In The WWE Royal Rumble

These days Diamond Dallas Page is known as much for his Hall of Fame wrestling career as he is for his thriving yoga business, DDPY.

Many pro athletes and wrestling legends have turned to DDPY to reinvent their bodies including long-time friend Chris Jericho. Page joined our WINCLY podcast last week where he talked about Jericho's influence on the success of DDPY as well as the return to the ring of David Arquette.


"I think Jericho's one of the most entertaining cats out there, period. From music to wrestling to whatever the f*ck he wants to do, Chris Jericho gets owning it at a different level," said Page. "The reason why he helped get DDPY off the ground, is because he did it and in five weeks he's 85 percent pain free. In three months, after they saying his career was over, he headlines 'Mania with Punk.

"He told everyone [about DDPY] and still does today. If you're talking to him [he's like], 'Boom. You need to do it. You need to do his program.'"

DDP says he doesn't pay Jericho to talk about his yoga program and Jericho finally relented and allowed Page to pay for a trip to Mexico with his family after pestering him for so long.


"I hope he wrestles into his 50s," DDP said of the 48-year-old Jericho. "He just shows that sh*t really works."

Page infamously lost the WCW World Heavyweight Championship to actor David Arquette in 2000. Nearly 20 years later, Arquette has returned to the ring to earn legitimate respect from fellow wrestlers and fans.

DDP discussed the wrestling return of Arquette, who just happens to also be a subscriber to DDPY.

"He just wants to walk away with some kind of respect because he loves wrestling," Page said of Arquette. "I'll you what, the sh*t I've seen him doing, I think he's crazy and I think he's a loon. But at the same time, I love it. He's doing it and he's looking good doing it.

"And the MF is in awesome shape!"

Page was then asked if Arquette should be in the upcoming Royal Rumble match this Sunday.

"F*ck yea I'd do it [laughter]. He would get thrown in and thrown out faster than The Godfather [who lasted 5 seconds in 2013]. As soon as his feet touched the ground [of the ring], he'd be thrown over the top rope," stated Page.

The full audio from DDP's exclusive interview can be heard in the WINCLY podcast episode below. In it he also discusses his new book Positively Unstoppable, the launch of AEW and more: