It’s been just over a year since Ruby Riott and Sonya Deville made their main roster debuts after being promoted from NXT. The two Superstars have yet to taste championship gold, but a fellow Women’s Superstar believes they have untapped potential and will one day hold the top spots.

That Women’s Superstar is Ember Moon who worked with both Riott and Deville in NXT. Moon joined Busted Open Radio where Bully Ray asked her if she agreed that Riott and Deville have a ton of potential.

“Oh yeah, 100 percent,” said Moon. “Other than myself of course [laughter]. I’ve shared a locker room with both of those girls in NXT. I was there for Sonya’s first day when she came in knowing nothing about what we did, even from Tough Enough.

Deville was a finalist on Tough Enough in 2015 and came from a mixed martial arts background. She didn’t have much wrestling experience and was the third competitor eliminated from the show.

“To see how much she’s grown from where she started and how she’s come into her own?she hasn’t changed who she is depending on who’s around her,” Moon said of Deville. “She is who she is and that’s what you’re gonna get. A whole bunch of intensity, hard hits ? I love her to death. I love watching her because something about her look just draws me in. I just wanna watch her.”

Riott had a different path to WWE and she worked the indie scene for six years before landing in NXT. It was during this time that she met Moon as both worked for Shimmer earlier this decade.

“Ruby Riott ? I’ve spent way too much time with,” stated Moon. “I love her more than life itself. We’ve had a similar journey to being on the independent scene and being told that because of the way we looked, we weren’t going to get hired. Then going from that swing to this Women’s Evolution… It’s really cool ? we have a very personal relationship because we tagged and wrestled on the indies.

Moon then told a story about when they were on a South American tour and stopped by a bazaar next to a cemetery and then looked at each other and said, ‘Man, where were we five years ago wrestling in front of 50 people? We never thought we would ever leave the United States and look at us now. We’re WWE Superstars in Argentina on a beautiful day next to a cemetery?just wow.’

“I love Ruby Riott to death and she deserves the world. I 100 percent agree with that [she has limitless potential].”

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Source: Busted Open Radio