A father, husband, brother, and friend, Roman Reigns could not be prouder of WWE's current women's evolution.

In a new interview with Sky Sports, Reigns talks about the possibility of women headlining WrestleMania 35 next month. In Reigns humble opinion it's the prefect time and opportunity for the women in WWE.

"What better way to showcase what we've been doing for years with our women," Reigns said. "I stand firmly behind these strong women and I'm so proud of them and the strength and the determination they've shown. They're role models for our own children. My daughter is 11 years old and these women are showing her the way and showing her that women can do anything men can do, even better sometimes."

Reigns added, "They're all great examples and if women can handle giving birth and all of the crazy things that come along with nurturing life then why can't they main-event a sports entertainment show? They can do everything that is super-hard in life and I know they can knock that out of the park too."

Since coming back from a four month hiatus, Reigns has been a busy man. The Big Dog admitted he now has a new outlook on WWE. The four-time main event star of WrestleMania also has his eye to the future and can see a future where both Dean Ambrose and The Usos are no longer in WWE.