Last month it was reported Lucha Underground (through AAA’s Owner, Dorian Roldan) had sent a cease and desist to both Ring of Honor and NWA for using Willie Mack at their events. As noted, numerous wrestlers signed to Lucha Underground have dealt with being locked down with the promotion, despite it not having any tapings in about a year. Over the last few months, some have taken legal action to successfully get out of their contracts.

Mack dropped the NWA National Championship to Colt Cabana at last month’s Crockett Cup, which was the plan going into the event, according to PWInsider. In a Wrestling Inc. exclusive, Mack has since signed a multi-year deal with Impact Wrestling. He also joined our WINCLY podcast to talk about working with Impact.

“Well, the contract was good and everything seemed alright,” Mack said. “Impact Wrestling ? I’ve been watching it since way back in the day when they used to have the weekly PPVs for like 12 bucks. The reason I wanted to go there was because of the X-Division and the six-sided ring, but they don’t have that no more. They have the best talent in the world, so why wouldn’t I want to be here?”

In the report from PWInsider, apparently some within NWA are not happy with Mack’s signing, as he was expected to go with them in a full-time capacity. It’s fair to say NWA played a part in bolstering Mack’s name with the title run and him being featured in multiple Ten Pounds of Gold videos, but AAA (who has a partnership with Impact) and Lucha Underground apparently steered him towards Impact.

In a now deleted tweet, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis wrote about the situation, “If you ever wanted to see the evidence of scheming carny wrestling BS, look no further. Sorry Willie. They took advantage of you.”