Becky Lynch On Trying To Make WWE "The Coolest Thing On TV", Not Speaking With Ronda Rousey

WWE RAW Woman's Champion Becky Lynch spoke with Fair Game about her success in WWE. Speaking of her historical main event match at WrestleMania 35, Lynch said that the public demanded the match to be a main event because they felt the personal animosity between Lynch, Charlotte, and Ronda Rousey. Lynch admitted without the feel of a real feud, people would have not been as interested.

"The beauty of that story was that it was real and people felt it and that's why people got so invested," Lynch said. "What I wanted was people to want to see this as the main event and the way to make people want to see it as the main event was to make it personal. There was no way in hell I was allowing this to be a corporate main event. It was the first time ever women were the main event. It had to be because the people demanded it and not because it was a good publicity move and it wasn't. It was what the people wanted and people stayed to watch the main event even though it had been a seven hour long show and people cared about that story because it was personal."

Lynch furthered her argument on making her programs must-see. After striking a nerve with Rousey's intentionally condescending nickname 'Ronnie', Lynch knows it takes some ruffling of the feathers to create a good television product. Lynch adds that such segments can lead to more overall success.

"I'm constantly trying to make this the coolest thing on TV," Lynch admitted. "I want people to be invested so sometimes I'll go a little bit far. If people don't understand that and often times they don't understand that I'm trying to make you money, I'm trying to make me money, I'm trying to make the company money and I'm trying to make people outside care about what we're doing. I want people to think this is cool. I want it to be higher than it's ever been because I love this business. I'm a wrestling fan. I grew up watching it. When I was younger, I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I want everybody to feel that feeling and I still think that and want everyone to feel that and be like, 'Oh, they're going a little bit far.'"

Continuing to speak of Rousey, Lynch says she hasn't spoken to Rousey since their WrestleMania 35 match. Lynch added that despite Rousey being a tough competitor physically, the way to beat Rousey is via mental strategy.

"I haven't talked to Ronnie since," Lynch said. "I thought I'd see here since we were nominated for 'Best Fight' for the the MTV Movie and TV Awards but she'd been hiding. That's what Ronnie does. She hides when she loses. Let's she if she comes back. I still want that one on one match with her. The way to beat Ronnie, its not to beat her body cause she's tough, but it's to beat her mind. That's what I went after. Constant mind games."

Lynch is scheduled to team with WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins this Sunday at Extreme Rules to defense their respective championships against Baron Corbin and Lacy Evans in a mixed tag match.

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