Jon Moxley On If AEW Blocked Him From NJPW G1 Show In Dallas

Jon Moxley has been a busy man since he left WWE in April. He has debuted for AEW, won the IWGP United States title in his first match for NJPW and will be a participant in the G1 Climax tournament. Moxley sat down with the Store Horseman and discussed how his NJPW deal came about.


"That was one of the first things on my bucket list sort of thing," Moxley said. "I have been over there a bunch of times, but like one real little run, however big or small with one of the traditional Japanese companies. I have always been a fan of Japanese wrestling; I had the VHS tapes back in the day. It was just one of those got to scratch that off the list things. Luckily New Japan just called me, I was already looking that way, but I didn't have to try and get a number or anything, they just called me. I was like, 'Sweet, let's do it, put me on a plane babe, let's go.'

Last weekend, NJPW hosted the first night of the G1 Climax in Dallas. Even though his block was not competing in tournament matches, some fans were surprised that he wasn't on the card, especially since Moxley is the U.S. Champion. There were reports that AEW had blocked him from competing on the show, however Moxley claims that he had a prior engagement.


"I wasn't booked on that to begin with," Moxley stated. "That is nothing. I was previously engaged when this happened. So, I will start on July 13th."

With Moxley having much more freedom over his career, he can have dream matches with people that it was once thought he would never share a ring with. Moxley noted that those dream matches will happen in time.

"Every possible opponent I could want is on the table," Moxley exclaimed. "It's all going to happen, so I do not need to be in a rush."

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