The Young Bucks Discuss The Comedic Nature Of The AEW Fyter Fest Pre-Show

During the media scrum following AEW's Fyter Fest, tag team victors The Young Bucks spoke to Wrestling Inc.'s Nick Hausman about the comedic feel of the Fyter Fest Buy In and were asked if the Buy In was intentionally built to be more comedic than the rest of the show.

"The whole thing was a blow off of the Being The Elite story and I felt like we had to do that justice," Matt Jackson said. "Anything we start, we like to finish. In two weeks, we have a very serious show [with Fight For The Fallen] that probably won't have anything [comedic]. I think that was intentional. I think it was intentional to do the pre-show with a little more comedic stuff and then start the show. We had that great cold open with, 'Welcome to Fyter Fest' and it was serious business from there on."

AEW's Fyter Fest event played off the controversy and unexpectedness of the 2017 Fyre Fest concert which was intended to be all in inclusive luxury concert experience that eventually ended up failing in multiple ways. Fyre Fest has become a pop culture phenomenon featuring multiple Netflix documentaries, Internet memes, and podcast segments.

"It was a parody of the [Netflix Fyre Fest] documentary," Nick Jackson said. "It shouldn't have been serious."

The Young Bucks teamed with fellow Elite member Kenny Omega to face The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid. The Street Fighter themed Elite defeated The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid in a fast paced match filled with stunning high spots.

The Young Bucks also serve as Executive Vice Presidents for AEW along with Kenny Omega and Cody. The tag team is scheduled to face Cody and Dustin Rhodes in a tag team match at Fight For The Fallen on July 13th.