Earlier this week a report came out that Enzo Amore and Big Cass were in talks with WWE officials to make a return to the NXT brand. Enzo was released from the company in January of 2018, Cass in June of 2018.

That same day, WWE reached out to the media to say the story had no basis, and they had no discussions with the two former WWE Superstars. After all of this came to light, Cass commented on Twitter, "Idiots [laughing emoji]."

Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT recently wrapped up 30-minute sit down interview with Triple H, and tweeted out his comments about the Enzo/Cass situation.

"I immediately told our PR to shoot down the Enzo and Cass rumors," Triple H said. "Absolutely zero interest. Congratulations to Enzo, I'm sure spreading rumors is working well for him but I want no part of it."