- WWE avoided making any references to the critically panned Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt WWE Hell In A Cell match until the final hour of last night's RAW. A video package aired with highlights from the match towards the end of the show, however neither Rollins nor Wyatt appeared on the show. As we previously reported, Wyatt did appear in a post-show dark segment where he took out Cesaro.

- During RAW last night, Rey Mysterio revealed that Cain Velasquez is son Dominik's godfather in storyline. Velasquez is expected to face Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday, October 31st.

- WWE has released the tenth album in the Uncaged series, Uncaged X, highlighting previously unreleased music by Jim Johnston. It is available on all music platforms. You can check it out on Apple Music here. Below is the track list:

1. Know Your Role (Nation Leader) [The Rock]
2. End of Days (I've Had Enough) [The Corre] [feat. Emphatic]
3. Sher (The Maharaja) [Jinder Mahal]
4. Interrogation (Kurrgan & The Jackyl)
5. New Rockers (Paul London & Brian Kendrick)
6. Not My Fault (Snitsky)
7. Piracy (Paul Burchill)
8. Quicksand (Sandman)
9. Southern Pride (Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch)
10. New Kind of Power (Jeff Jarrett)
11. Who I Am (9th Wonder of the World) [Chyna]
12. Take a Pill (Brian Pillman)
13. You Look So Good to Me (The Runway) [Rico]
14. Man Beast (Rhyno)
15. Too Much (Brian Christopher)
16. Poetic Devastation (Virgil)
17. Addonas (The Bodydonnas)
18. You Better Recognize (D'Lo Brown)
19. Return the Hitman (Excellence of Execution) [Bret Hart]
20. Break an Egg (The Gobbledy Gooker)
21. Are You Ready? (Hall of Fame 2019) [D-Generation X]
22. With My Baby Tonight (Instrumental) [Jeff Jarrett & Jesse James]
23. Dark Side (Fully Loaded 1998) [Undertaker]
24. Medal (Retirement Medley) [Kurt Angle]
25 The Time Is Now (Champ Is Here) [John Cena]

James Maxwell contributed to this article.