Last night WWE NXT (results here) took on AEW Dynamite (results here) head-to-head for the first time.

Yesterday we asked what your predictions were in the ratings and NXT ended up coming out on top, partly due to the bigger built-in audience that WWE already has. For NXT, the predictions hovered around 1 million viewers. With AEW the range was much wider from around 500k to 1 million.

Thanks to everyone who responded, below are some of the top comments.

Seth P Segura:

"Realistically, NXT's ratings are going to be higher than AEW's because WWE has a greater outreach to fans in the US. However, it will be close, like 200-300k difference."

Demon Ibby:

"Broken down by hours, I think AEW will take hour 1 out of sheer curiosity. Hour 2 will be split in the 8-900k range."

The Damien Demento Experience:

"The real war will be the Tuesday night war between Total Divas and Impact."

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