Latest Trademarks Filled By WWE, Cody Rhodes Looking To Trademark More WCW PPV Names

Both WWE and Cody Rhodes have been busy with filing more trademarks, according to PWInsider.

For WWE, the company applied to trademark "WarGames" on November 19. Back in February, WWE bought the rights and trademarks for WarGames from Major League Wrestling, who were able to scoop up the name after it had lapsed back in 2007. MLW had used the name going back to 2003 and at that time there were no active trademarks on WarGames.


WWE has also applied for the trademark "WWE Crown Jewel" on November 19.

In regards to AEW EVP Cody Rhodes, he has applied for "Slamboree" (also on November 19) and "SuperBrawl," both were WCW PPV names. Slamboree had a run from 1993 until 2000, the company was then sold to WWE in 2001. The trademark filed by WCW, expired in 2005. SuperBrawl ran from 1991 until 2001 with the trademark expiring in 2005.

AEW President Tony Khan spoke to Wrestling Inc. earlier this week and commented on the Bash at the Beach trademark that was filed for. AEW Dynamite: Bash at the Beach will take place on January 15 in Miami, Florida. A second episode will be filmed on Jericho's cruise and air on January 22.

"Cody went on a trademark binge one night and he texted me, 'Conrad and I were up all night trademarking stuff.' One of the things that came out of it was Bash at the Beach. So, when he said that we thought of a way to use it ? and the unique idea was to go to Miami in January," Khan said.


Earlier this week, Rhodes tweeted and deleted, "Sound like I'll be going to court soon, time to go suit shopping" with a "welcome to Pettyville" gif. Speculation is that it could be related to the Bash at the Beach trademark filing.