Ryan Satin has been popping up on WWE Backstage as a correspondent after working for TMZ as a producer, while also serving as the editor in chief for Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Satin talked about how he landed his role with WWE Backstage when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“I’ve always been a TV guy. My dad has his own production company and I was on TMZ for seven years which is a FOX property,” said Satin. “TV is something I love and when I left TMZ and started Pro Wrestling Sheet, my day one goal was to get the site off the ground but my future goal was to get a studio show about wrestling on TV. I always thought it was an untapped market and even though there’s a huge audience for it, no sports network was doing a sports studio style show about wrestling.”

Satin noted that he doesn’t work for WWE, he works for FOX Sports. He also said that fans should appreciate that his news is more valid because he’s actually on the inside with a wrestling promotion.

Backstage has vowed to cover lighthearted topics as well as more serious situations. Satin was asked if he could cover things like the ACH (Jordan Myles) t-shirt controversy.

“I’m not the producer of the show so I don’t make those decisions. I’m very low on the totem pole in terms of what’s going to be discussed. I don’t think they want me there for opinions as they want me there to break news,” stated Satin who then added that he’s still figuring it out as he goes but he hasn’t been told to shy away from anything.

“What people don’t understand is that I’ve had a great relationship with WWE since day one. They’ve helped me out and are very open with me. I work hard to make sure my news is verified by talking to people within WWE?

“When it comes to negative stories, I believe there will be times when I have to talk about negative things. It’s just we’re in Week 2 and nothing super-negative has happened for me to discuss.”

Satin noted that he pitched that they should talk about the Saudi issues but it was already on the run sheet.

“When it comes to the ACH situation, there is a lot of unknowns and I think they’d rather play it safe,” said Satin. “It’s a case-by-case basis I think.”

The ratings for WWE Backstage have been less than stellar and it failed to crack cable’s top shows on a couple of occasions. Satin discussed why he doesn’t pay much attention to ratings.

“I don’t pay attention to ratings. I think the people who cover ratings on a daily basis don’t have perspective,” stated Satin. “They don’t bring up how other shows are doing or that all other shows are down at the same time. They don’t bring up when there are huge lead-ins compared to no lead-ins. They don’t bring up the ratings of the re-airings or DVR or YouTube. They wanna look at a number and go, ‘Oh! Gotcha.’ I would love it if there was more perspective when people are covering ratings.”

Ryan Satin presents “The Satin Sheet” every Tuesday night at 11/10c as part of WWE Backstage on FS1.

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