As reported earlier today, ACH announced he was canceling his upcoming showing and quitting pro wrestling.

"I hate pro wrestling," ACH wrote on Twitter this morning. "I hate you s---ty fans that think you know it all! More importantly I hate the snakes in this industry. None of y'all would never say anything about me to me. All of y'all can go screw yourselves. I'm canceling my shows AND I'm quitting pro wrestling. Chasing my dream was great, but you self entitled pricks ruin EVERYTHING. I'm out."

This comes on the heels of ACH working at MLW Opera Cup, where Wrestling Inc. learned he almost walked out and didn't perform at the event. In a statement to PWInsider, MLW commented, "We respect ACH's decision and want him to be happy." MLW had planned on putting ACH on future shows.

One half of Cryme Tyme and former WWE Superstar, Shad Gaspard, had a lot to say in response to ACH, telling the former NXT Star to "grow up and understand the world doesn't revolve around you."

"On that note shut the f--- up," Gaspard responded. "If all you can do is bad mouth & talk down people and the business after people have gone out of there way to understand & help you then f--- off. Talent gets you so far in life, but it's obvious your character is one of an attention seeking ass who wants sympathy while burning others. Grow up and understand the world doesn't revolve around you. This business as well as life doesn't cater to one individual, so either suck it up and do something or shut the f--- up, cause this bipolar crying s--- is getting old."

Gaspard signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2005 and worked there until 2007, then returned from 2008 until 2010.