The Wednesday Night Wars have captivated wrestling fans every night, but the ratings war between NXT and All Elite Wrestling have also taken fans’ attention. The Young Bucks were interviewed by ESPN West Palm, and Matt Jackson was asked about how much they pay attention to the ratings.

“I try not to put too much stock on all of that. Right now, we’re such a new, baby show, and if you look too closely to the minute-by-minute and all this stuff, it’s really hard to understand any type of pattern. We just haven’t done it long enough, and we’re also just so new,” Matt said. “I think the perception online is bigger than what it really is. I think the most important thing for us is that we really want a really good show. We want to have a great product. We want the fans to be happy.”

Matt also talked about their relationship with the network.

“Of course, we want to make the network happy, and I think the most important thing for them is that all important demo number. I think as long as we get the numbers that they like, that all important demo number, [then] I think they’re gonna be happy,” Matt said. “The big picture number, the one that everyone asks, ‘oh, who won this week? Who got the bigger number?’ I think that’s more of a thing for people to play along with online. We’re most focused on appeasing the network and having high demo numbers so the advertisers want to come in and buy commercials. That’s what’s important.”

Matt downplayed the Wednesday Night Wars and discussed his friendship with NXT Champion Adam Cole.

“I think the Wednesday Night Wars thing is fun for the people because we lived on this thing that was on a Monday. I think it’s more of at thing for fans more than anything,” Matt said. “I spent some time with one of my friends, Adam Cole, and I certainly don’t think I’m at war with one of my best friends. I wish him the best. I hope they have a great show every week. Most of those guys that perform are all my old buddies. I think the perception of a war is kind of silly, but we are all rooting for each other.”

Tonight’s edition of AEW Dynamite will be have a “Bash at the Beach” theme, a concept that WCW utilized for many successful pay-per-views in the 90s. Nick Jackson discussed tonight’s show and the process behind the show’s creation.

“Our plan going further is to just do four pay-per-views a year, so we realized we have to dress up some of the Dynamite shows on Wednesdays just to not fall into a formula, to make some of them feel more special than some of the other ones. That was the thinking process on this,” Nick said. “Cody happened to get the trademark, and he owns it now. He actually brought it to Tony’s [Khan] attention. We all thought, ‘hey that would be a good idea for a Wednesday show.’ That’s pretty much how it came about.”

Nick also gave a small tease for what fans can expect tonight.

“I think fans are gonna be pretty excited. We’re gonna try to make it a special show,” Nick said. “Even from the look of things, we’re gonna try to make the set look a bit different from a normal Wednesday night. It’s gonna be good.”

With a successful debut year under their belt, Nick talked about the goals AEW has for 2020.

“To be different, to be who we think we should be and not to change for any dumb reason. To try to stay on the path that we feel should be the path because we know what the big picture should be,” Nick said, “Just to try to stay focused. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when everything is so hectic and it’s a weekly thing. Just to try to be the true alternative to pro wrestling, and if we manage that I’ll be happy.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit ESPN West Palm with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.