The Young Bucks’ YouTube channel, Being the Elite, has grown into popular, must-see viewing for a lot of fans of All Elite Wrestling. It was also the place where AEW was born and announced to millions of viewers. In an interview with ESPN West Palm, Matt and Nick Jackson talked about how BTE came to be and how it has helped them today at AEW.

“We just wanted to give extra content away to our fans because at the time we didn’t really get that much air time on New Japan and ROH, like character wise just showing our personalities. So we wanted to show our fans how we really are in real life. We didn’t know what it would lead to, but we knew we were catching on with something because some fans were coming to our meet and greets and massive lines quickly [showed up] after we released the show,” said Nick. “They loved it. They felt like they knew us even more on a personal note, so we knew we were onto something. We were just determined to make it a weekly thing and try to do it as much as possible, as long as possible before burning out. We didn’t know we were setting ourselves up for something big because it actually helped us in the end, writing and booking a show on a weekly basis and it brought us to where we are now because now it actually helps us.”

Wrestle Kingdom 14 was the first Wrestle Kingdom without The Young Bucks in six years. Matt talked about what that experience was like for them.

“It was strange, but I’m so in my own bubble now and [have] tunnel vision with what I’m doing with AEW now that I don’t miss it because I’ve done the dance so many times,” Matt said. “So, if anything, I was thinking abut my friends throughout Japan and wishing them the best, and obviously, we had AEW support there with Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. And I texted Chris, ‘good luck.’ I’m just glad they’re doing good business out there and good for them and good for everybody.”

Chris Jericho stirred the rumor mill when he talked about “the forbidden door” between AEW and NJPW. Nick addressed the rumor and their relationship with NJPW.

“Yeah. That was just a rumor. Nothing’s happening. I think he just did that to try to get the Internet to talk a little more about the situation, but the door has not opened up at all,” Nick said. “But we wish them luck in what they’re doing because like what Matt said with NXT, a lot of our friends work in New Japan. We have friends everywhere in the wrestling world. If something came along, we’d be open, but nothing’s happening right now.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit ESPN West Palm with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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