Becky Lynch had an amazing 2019. There is no denying it. She won the Royal Rumble, was part of the first-ever women’s main event at Wrestlemania, and reinvented herself with “The Man” moniker after she left MetLife Stadium as “Becky 2 Belts.” But even with all of that, the longest reigning Raw women’s champ remains focused on her future.

Lynch recently spoke with TV Insider. Simply stated, she loves being the best.

“I can sit back on my laurels, but I just love this, I love this game. I love being the best at something, and right now I’m proving that. I’m riding high. It’s a great feeling,” Becky said. “Nobody wants to give that up. Nobody wants to come down the mountain when they see the view and scenery. It’s beautiful up there. That keeps me motivated.”

There is no lack of confidence when it comes to Lynch’s in ring capabilities, but there were definitely times of uncertainty that made their way into her head.

“It was a doubt. I doubted how good I was. Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was,” Lynch said, staying true to her character inside and outside the ring. “Maybe all the haters were right? Maybe I was a flash in the pan. Maybe I’ve just been lucky every single match in an entire year? That’s just bulls**t that I can’t believe I’m saying it. But I had that doubt. I was walking around with my head down contemplating if I was good enough. I needed something to slap me out of it.”

Cementing her self confidence was initiated and completed when she defeated Asuka at the Royal Rumble, avenging her loss from the previous year.

“She was the best. She is not the best anymore because I beat her. Now I’m the best. I’m better than the best. Now I’m the GOAT,” Lynch said. “Asuka does have the style not many have trained in. Luckily, I have trained in the art of Japanese wrestling, having done tours and matches and main eventing at Korakuen Hall at the young age of only 18. [Asuka] was an opponent that brought a style that I haven’t really used in a while, so that was the trickier part. I finally overcame my white whale at the Royal Rumble.”

She continued, “No matter who my opponent is or what my story is, I have been on top longer than maybe anybody else in the last decade ? maybe beyond that. To have somebody who sits on the sidelines talk about me like that, that’s fine. I’m like the stock market, sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down, but I am always money”

Lynch’s contract negotiations with WWE had been openly discussed both behind the scenes and on WWE programming. She feels like she should should be on the top of the ladder, and that means the very top. She said she feels like she should be making more money than Vince McMahon himself.

“I should be making more in that whole company, everybody ? Vince McMahon included,” Becky admitted. “I want to change the game. I want to prove that it doesn’t matter your gender, your race, your background, if you are doing the job and keeping people invested, if you are keeping people interested, then you deserve to be paid at a level higher than anybody else.

“Or as high as anybody else. As high as the best of them. I look around the arenas and the majority of the people are in my shirts. The majority of people hold signs for me, so pay me as such and that will be the way it will be.”

Lynch will defending her title against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Asuka tonighton Monday Night Raw.