Booker T Talks Matt Hardy And Brodie Lee Debuting With AEW

All Elite Wrestling made waves last week with not one, but two major debuts in one night.

The long awaited Exalted One of The Dark Order was revealed to be Brodie Lee, fka Luke Harper in WWE, and the final segment of AEW Dynamite saw Broken Matt Hardy make his presence known as he will team with The Elite to face the Inner Circle at Blood and Guts which will now be held at a later date.


WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently admitted on his The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore podcast, seen above, that he was impressed with both debuts, especially with the quickness of transitioning from WWE to AEW.

"These guys didn't waste no time," said Booker. "That's the way you want to do it too. I remember when I left WCW for WWE, I said I ain't got time to lose no money."

Booker T also discussed why he thought Matt Hardy ultimately to make the jump to AEW.

"Matt Hardy said it was a huge decision to make, but he thought it was the right decision," said Booker. "Less days, more money, less stress. That sounds good to me."

Hardy has also cited creative differences influencing his ultimate decision to leave WWE, and Booker T agreed that the move will be what is best for Hardy as his career winds down.


"Matt Hardy is not a young guy, he is in the twilight years of his career," said Booker. "To finish it the way you want to finish it, and it don't hurt to get some good paper for it as well, and the time off? I don't think Matt Hardy could have been one of those part timers and made the salary he wanted or make the impact he wanted to make. I say it definitely was the right thing for Matt Hardy to do."

There are some opinions out there that AEW is just bringing in former WWE talents as a way to rub it in their competition's face, but Booker T feels otherwise.

"You're gonna need guys like Matt Hardy, you're gonna need guys like Brodie Lee to build that company," said Booker. "I'm taking nothing away from the young guys that AEW has, but a lot of these guys are really good workers, but are they stars?"

Booker wonders though, if Brodie Lee is going to jump into the star category like AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, and Kenny Omega.

"Brodie, he's a big guy, he can work and do a lot of cool stuff," said Booker. "I'm wondering if he is going to adopt the AEW style and brand. I think Brodie will be able to adapt to that blueprint."

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