Exclusive: The Young Bucks And Other Top AEW Stars Do Not Attend Recent TV Tapings

AEW held their most recent television tapings two weeks ago from QT Marshall's gym in Norcross, GA.

The first episode from that taping aired this past Wednesday night, while rest are expected to roll out into mid-May. Georgia is currently under a "shelter in place" order that runs through the end of April. As we exclusively reported, Georgia officials stopped by the tapings to make sure AEW has the proper documentation to continue filming.

On Monday, AEW star MJF took to Twitter to release the following uncharacteristic message: "I wish I could put my body on the line more for you guys. I truly care so much about you being entertained during your hour of need. Unfortunately something awful has happened to me and it has gradually gotten worse. I can't comment on what the issue is at this time."

Wrestling Inc. can now confirm that MJF did not take part in the most recent TV tapings. We are not sure if that is tied to whatever it is he is teasing in that tweet, but we do know he was not there. Wrestling Inc. can also confirm the following top names were also not at the most recent AEW television tapings: The Young Bucks, "Hangman" Adam Page, Nyla Rose, PAC, The Lucha Bros, SCU and Big Swole.

AEW President Tony Khan recently told talent and staff that there is no pressure for them to work the tapings. Talent from states like New York and California were also not used since those locations are hot spots for the coronavirus. We were told that the talent at AEW feel less judged for not appearing, especially since two of the AEW EVPs (The Young Bucks) did not attend the tapings. It was also noted that many are relieved they are not having to perform weekly like WWE is having their talent do at the moment.

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