Released WWE NXT Talents Under Different Non-Competes, Note On More Possible Cuts Coming Soon

The WWE NXT talents released on Wednesday will be free to appear for other promotions next month.

The NXT talents cut this week will only be under 30-day non-compete clauses with WWE, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. They will be free to sign with anyone else on May 15.


As noted before, the other main roster talents released on Wednesday are under 90-day non-competes and will be eligible to appear for major promotions beginning on Wednesday, July 15.

The Observer also reported that while there are more NXT cuts expected, there are no further main roster releases expected. It was noted that many people who aren't featured regularly on NXT TV are worried about their jobs.

You can click here to read the current list of confirmed departures and furloughs. The list currently includes 22 wrestlers, 10 producers, 3 coaches, 2 announcers, 1 referee, 1 creative writer, and 2 other on-air talents. The cuts on Wednesday were a part of coronavirus-related business changes that WWE announced earlier in the day. You can read WWE's full announcement at this link. That COVID-19 business update announcement was issued by WWE right after Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon held a meeting call with employees. You can read about Vince's call at this link.


Stay tuned for more.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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