The Revival were released by WWE on April 10th and have since renamed themselves The Revolt. Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson are now being billed as Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, respectively.

Wheeler and Harwood confirmed that Vince McMahon had an idea for the team to change their in-ring gear, which they referred to as “Aladdin Sh-t.”

During the ARN podcast, Arn Anderson was asked by a fan about the proposed comedy gimmick ring attire that Vince had come up with for them.

“It wasn’t that good,” Anderson said. “If it’s accurate, it doesn’t phase me a bit, it doesn’t surprise me a bit. To come up with something that ridiculous wouldn’t you have had some guidance from the top? [Vince McMahon] ‘Hey, I want to put 12 feet of dirt on these guys, 6 ain’t enough. So you guys go get in a room, smoke a couple joints, make sure it’s in a state where it’s legal so you won’t get arrested and get my ass in a sling, you guys go get high and come up with the most ridiculous s–t you could think of.’

“Ah ha Aladdin sh-t. That’s better than anything I could come up with.”

As for the newly named and branded Revolt, they were recently referenced at the end of an episode of Being The Elite, leading many to speculate that their next landing spot will be with AEW.

Anderson also talked about how much he enjoys watching Cesaro in the ring. He noted how weird it is that he hasn’t been used much by WWE.

“Cesaro, and I’ve always thought this ever since I saw complete matches and work with guys and be able to do all of the things that he does and you see pretty much all of it in a 15-20 minute extravaganza, I think he’s special,” Anderson said. “He does things that nobody else can do, he is not a big guy, he has a great physic that doesn’t supersede the incredible feats of strength he can do. He does some feats of strength that no guy his size or twice his size should be able to do. It’s phenomenal to witness and watch.

“I saw him giant swing The Great Khalil for God sakes. Picture that in your head. I saw him standing in the ring, on the bottom rope reach over the ropes, Big E was on the floor, and pop him up to the apron and standing superplex him back into the ring. Now this is Big E, Big E has to be 300 pounds, just incredible stuff. It will go down as just a mystery, I am amazed every time I see him doing the things he’s capable of doing.”

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