This past weekend, Stardom confirmed the passing of Japanese pro wrestling star Hana Kimura at the age of 22. The tragic news saw an outpour of reactions from wrestlers and promotions from all over the world morning Kimura’s passing.

Kimura appeared on the Netflix show Terrace House and reportedly committed suicide after being cyber bullied following an incident on the show. One of the roommates on the show did not take her wrestling gear out of the laundry before starting his own, resulting in the outfit getting ruined. They exchanged words, and Kimura knocked his hat off of his head and left the room. Netflix announced that they have suspended the season’s upcoming episodes that were set to air over the next two weeks.

The abuse Kimura suffered from social media users now has Japanese government officials calling for action against cyberbulling.

CNN reports that Japan’s Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication, Sanae Takaichi, pledged on Tuesday to speed up government discussions around cyberbullying legislation. They also report that Takaichi would head a government panel to discuss whether internet users could be identified if their posts included “slander and defamation.”

Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama had her own comments on Kimura’s passing calling for punishment for “cowardly” anonymous cyberbullies.

Earlier today, Stardom sent out a statement about Kimura’s passing. They say that according to a police report, there was no foul play involved, and they would not comment any further on details about her death in respect to her family. The promotion has also asked for fans and media to respect the privacy of Kimura’s family during this time by not inquiring for an interview or visiting the family or other wrestlers. As such, they will also not announce the time and date for Kimura’s funeral.

You can view Stardom’s full statement below: