Corey Graves recently interviewed Jeff Hardy on After The Bell to talk in-depth about his struggles with alcoholism and his road to recovery. Hardy made his return to Smackdown and hopes for one more good run before he retires. He talked about his desire to hold the world title one more time and possibly feud with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

“When I came back the first time after I got my rotator cuff surgery, I brought the face paint back,” Hardy said. “I got to deal with Randy Orton and got my first Hell in a Cell. Building up to that was so fun. I felt important and relevant again, but now I would love to win the world title. I love the design of the new world title and the Universal Title, so I would like to do that before it’s all set and done.

“I just want to have one more good run and maybe become the world champion or Universal Champion. I would love to do something with The Fiend Bray Wyatt. I’ve got some crazy, cool ideas. Beth helped me with this one, what if there was something like the Twilight Zone because back when we did The Hardy Show, we had this thing called the ‘Wilight Zone’ sort of like a spoof Twilight Zone. What if he beat me and put me under the ring and all of sudden I’m in the Fun House but I’m in a black and white TV then all of a sudden like the Twilight Zone. Then Beth was like what if it was the Flylight Zone? We can do it like you’re trying to get out of the black and white TV. I’m just crazy about crazy creativity like that just throwing out a pitch and seeing if it sticks.”

The Boneyard Match was one of the biggest matches of WrestleMania 36 in terms of social media, fan and wrestler buzz. Jeremy Borash helped work on the match as he has had previous experience with cinematic matches having worked on The Final Deletion with Matt and Jeff Hardy. Matt gave his reaction to the match saying that he envisioned cinematic matches having its own branch in pro wrestling, and Jeff gave his own praise for the match as well as other ideas he has for cinematic matches.

“Watching the Boneyard Match, I was envious because I was like that behind the scenes filming stuff like that,” Hardy admitted. “It’s just so fun. When you’re filming through all of the hours of the night then you get to watch the finished product back, that match was amazing. Like when AJ came out of that coffin, I was like oh yeah I know where this is going, what mind this is coming from because it reminded me a lot of Final Deletion.

“That cinematic stuff can now be really useful. You can get to all of these cool places to film stuff like that when you’re not in front of a crowd. Man, I would love that. I was on my Motocross track, and I had his vision of like, ‘what if there was some kind of Motocross Match like there’s a ring set up in the middle of it, there’s all this stuff around it and there’s a race going on at the same time.’ You get all these crazy, nutty ideas. That’s the beauty of pro wrestling, anything is possible. To see that is an honor because all that Deletion stuff, I’m so proud of all that. It was so fun. That first one, it was like six people moving lights, doing our spots and doing our matches. It’s very fulfilling when you do stuff like that and it takes off worldwide.”

Another “Broken Universe” match on Impact Wrestling was Delete or Decay. Jeff reminiscences about working on the match with former Impact Wrestling President Billy Corgan and how he hopes to do more of those kinds of matches in the future.

“I’ll never forget, it was the second Delete, it was called Delete or Decay, I was like man I gotta design me a cross,” Hardy said. “So my enigma cross came from the Prince cross. I’ll never forget Billy Corgan was here at my house and he was helping direct it, and I dug a trench that made the symbol. And we lit it on fire. It was incredible. We got a killer drone shot of it, and the Smashing Pumpkins lead man was out there. We were all fired up. They’re amazing memories, and I do hope to create more.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit After The Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.