The Undertaker On Rumor That He's Terrified Of Cucumbers, His Favorite Entrance

The Undertaker joined Big Cat and PFT Commentator on a recent episode of Pardon My Take. They talked about the current "The Last Ride" docuseries out and The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak. One of the things most iconic about Undertaker is his entrance most notably the length of his entrances. He was asked whether he would time out the entrances beforehand.

"A lot of times that would just depend on my opponent. Like if I was working with somebody that was limited or I thought I was gonna have a sh–ty match with, I was like I'm gonna get my money's worth out of this entrance," Undertaker revealed. "There were times [where] I would take a little bit of extra time because I knew the match was going to be horrible. I figured might as well give it to them on the entrance because they're gonna be disappointed once this bell rings."

The Undertaker is also known for being a leader in the locker room. Undertaker said that he grew into the role because vets would not willing to help him out when he started out in the wrestling business.

"When I came up and I was green in the business, guys didn't help you at all, and if they did say something, a lot of times it was completely wrong, and they were just trying to screw you up because everybody was so protective of their spots," Undertaker said. "Once I got to WWE and got into that character and everything was rolling, my mindset was OK, I got to make people better. I have to be able to create people so that we have new talent coming in and new, fresh people. If you showed a little bit of motivation and inspired to work, then I would help guys."

The Big Show has told a story of Undertaker chewing him out backstage, and it was that balance of business and locker room leader that gained him trust between management and the locker room. He also said that he would not accept any excuse for any unprofessional behavior.

"Both sides would see that. The office saw Take's trying to help these guys, and the boys were like man, this guy's on this spot of the card is willing to help me. So I kind of built a trust on both sides. It was strange because it kind of went against what our business was like. There were the boys and there was management. The boys never trusted management. The management was like oh, the boys are gonna screw something up. So I ended up fitting somewhere in the middle," Undertaker said. "So I was trusted on both sides. I was always one of the boys, but they also knew with me business always comes first. It's not secret that we had a pretty serious night life back in the day, but it was never allowed as an excuse [to come] in being sloppy, getting in trouble. I wouldn't put up with all that stuff."

On the topic of favorite entrance, Undertaker went through his various characters but named his old-school entrances as his favorite. He also talked about how WWE production crew members were always excited to work with Undertaker on his WrestleMania entrance.

"When I did the switch from Undertaker to American Badass using Kid Rock's song and it fit so well for what we were trying to do, that had a lot of juice. When we lost the rights to that, Limp Bizkit, that worked too. I think for the entrances, the old-school Undertaker entrances with the smoke and the fire. One of my favorites ones was when I came from underneath and I had all the shadows and it looked like all the souls from hell were trying to grab me. That was one of my favorites," Undertaker said. "Man, we've done so many. That production crew is so talented. They can't wait those couple days before Mania for me to come in for rehearsal just to show me what they've come up with."

There is a long-standing story about Vince McMahon hating it when people sneeze in front of him. Arn Anderson had thought it was a rib at first, and while Vince was not mad at Stephanie, she admitted he was slightly annoyed by it. AEW's Brodie Lee even spoofed it on an episode of Dynamite. Undertaker was also asked about it.

"Have I ever sneezed? Actually, I leave the room," Undertaker revealed. "I actually get away with a lot more than many people do."

Taker was also asked about a rumor that he was afraid of cucumbers. The question led to a fun back-and-forth between Undertaker and the hosts.

"OK, let's get this straight. We've had a good conversation," Undertaker said. "I'm not scared of cucumbers. I just don't like cucumbers."

"I just like the idea of Undertaker, the biggest badass ever, if you just bring a cucumber into the room, you'll make him a little kid," Big Cat said.

"I'll probably leave the room. I'm not gonna run," Undertaker joked. "If they're whole, that's one thing. If they're cut up, whew."

"The Cucumber Man is someone that can be used. That's how you should've lost at WrestleMania," Big Cat added. "The Cucumber Man coming out and slewing cucumbers at your face."

"People would have bought that a lot more if I slipped on a cucumber," Undertaker remarked. "Man, the hair on my neck is starting to stand up."

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