Maria Kanellis Reveals Who The Father Was Going To Be In Her WWE Pregnancy Storyline

In September of last year, WWE ran a pregnancy storyline with Maria Kanellis teasing the reveal of the baby's father. Among the names mentioned in the story was her husband, Mike Kanellis, Rusev, and Ricochet.


WWE even looked to bring in Maury Povich of The Maury Show to handle the paternity test. The story ended up fizzling off WWE TV and Mike requested his release from WWE in October of last year after he and Maria had re-signed with the company in June of 2019.

Earlier today, a fan on Twitter asked Maria who was going to be the father in that story, and she confirmed it was going to be Mike.

"My husband. He was supposed to turn face. And do a story about recovery from addiction and motivation. But...that's just too good. Too real. Too honest. And of course I was supposed to remain the bad guy. Until I came back from maternity leave. Baby face momma!"

Mike and Maria were later released as part of the company-wide cuts due to COVID-19 in April.