WWE Superstar Randy Orton was on After The Bell with Corey Graves where the two talked about family life as well as Orton’s upcoming match against Edge at Backlash this Sunday.

Orton has created a lot of buzz on social media recently not only for showing solidarity with Black Lives Matter but also for claiming to have bought a plane. Orton cleared the air with Graves.

“I did not buy a plane,” Orton admits. “I came home, and my wife goes, ‘what the f–k did you say you bought a plane for?’ I don’t know. What do you mean? She’s like, ‘look at your social media,’ and I was flying home after TV. It was a private plane. I had a few drinks. We’re about to take off, and I was just like, ‘oh, look at that.’ I took a picture, and I’m thinking of a comment.

“It’s my social media. So I got to try and put the word f–k in there somewhere, so ‘f–ked around, bought a plane #greatestribever,’ something like that. So I don’t want to call a bunch of guys out, but I got a couple dozen of the guys and a couple close friends. They text me, ‘hey congrats on the plane,’ but the biggest pop I got was Undertaker texted me, and he was like, ‘yeah, some play checkers. You’re playing chess. Congrats on the plane kid.’ I’m oh no. Of course, I let everybody know that I was just f–king around.”

AJ Styles did not come up on the podcast, but Orton wanted to bring up Styles to point out that he is a flat-earther, something that was pointed out by Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack but later denied by Styles. Graves then shared a story about Styles’ reaction to a documentary Graves was watching.

“I know you had AJ on a couple weeks ago or it was aired a couple of weeks ago. So I wanted to somehow segue to how AJ’s a flat-earther,” Orton said. “He think’s the Earth’s flat, and I know that’s just a really comical topic to talk about. And I give him s–t about it, and he hates it. So I just had to get that.

“It’s not a rib. He thinks the Earth’s flat.”

“I almost brought that up to him because I’ve heard that like a million times,” Graves stated. “I think I’ve heard you bust his balls about it, but I’ve never actually had a conversation with him. I know the subject was brought up. We were in the locker room in Philadelphia. I know it like it was yesterday and somehow the topic of that came up, and I was talking about this this documentary called ‘Zeitgeist’. It’s all sorts of weird conspiracy theories, and we started watching it.

“He was standing behind me news getting like worked up watching all these different crazy things that are happening. He had to leave, but I remember I was more entertained watching AJ watch this stuff, this documentary than actually the documentary itself.”

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