As previously reported, real fans were in attendance at Monday’s WWE television tapings for the first time since March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They consisted of local diehard fans as well as friends and family.

Wrestling Inc. first reported that the fans signed waivers at the show stating that WWE wasn’t liable if they contracted COVID-19 and that there could be inherent risk attending the event. The fans also had their temperatures taken and filled out a questionnaire. They were also reports that the fans were told that they could not wear masks in the audience or they would have to leave.

Wrestling Inc. reached out to WWE with some questions regarding fans attending the show not wearing masks, as well as when the company learned of a developmental talent testing positive for COVID-19. While WWE has not commented on the positive test, they did send us a statement regarding fans not wearing masks.

WWE stated that face masks were not required because the fans underwent medical screenings and were kept apart from talent and the production crew. The statement did not indicate that masks were banned. The company noted that attendance was below 20% capacity and social distancing guidelines were adhered to with at least six feet between parties.

Talent, employees and production crew are being tested for COVID-19 today at the WWE Performance Center. WWE Associate Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Dugas stated that once the test results come back, WWE will continue to proceed with their normal television production schedule. WWE is currently scheduled to tape next week’s RAW and SmackDown, as well as two weeks of NXT, on Wednesday after today’s tapings were cancelled.

Below is the full statement from WWE:

“Fans have not been in attendance at WWE events since March 13. Yesterday, a select number of friends and family were permitted to attend WWE’s TV production. These individuals were required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering the closed set at our training facility, and were kept apart from in-ring performers and production personnel. Attendance was below 20% capacity and social distancing guidelines were adhered to with at least six feet between parties, thus face masks were not required.”