Ivelisse And Jack Evans Get Into Twitter Fight Over Incident From Their Lucha Underground Days

Back in 2018, Jack Evans was officially released from Lucha Underground after Evans said he was lied to about his contract with the company. Evans also noted at the time, the catalyst for wanting to leave was an argument he had with Ivelisse, but didn't go into detail.

Earlier today, Evans commented about killing off wrestlers in stories ? much like what happened to him in Lucha Underground as he was sacrificed to the Gods by Matanza Cueto (aka Jeff Cobb). Evans says he actually demanded that's how his character be written off, but also brought up Ivelisse in his tweet.

"I didn't complain about my death, in fact I spazzed the freak out on management and demanded it," Evans wrote. "Thank you @RealIvelisse, your difficult personality allowed me to avoid all the contract disputes everyone else had."

The contract disputes is a reference to a lot of Lucha Underground wrestlers being tied to the promotion and weren't able to work elsewhere, despite production being halted for an extended period of time. Ivelisse wrote back, and didn't appreciate the way Evans described her personality, or that he brought her up at all.

"Or maybe next time don't scream at a woman's face and try to legit fight her when she is calmly talking like any other person putting a match together, and don't make me feel guilty for standing up for myself much less from feeling physically threatened, especially by a man," Ivelisse responded. "Stop s—ting on my name saying I have a difficult personality, I stand up for myself, or others, that doesn't make me "difficult."

"That isn't what happened, we yelled at each other and nothing more," Evans commented back. "Don't spin stories like that Ive, you're usually not a liar."

"No you yelled & insulted me all over the place like a madman, and I ignored you, when you finally got in my face I finally snapped at you to get way from me, kind of like this unnecessary public stint you doing now c'mon man," Ivelisse wrote. "Everyone saw, what exactly is it you trying to achieve."

Evans then explains what he meant by this argument being the "catalyst" for him getting out of his Lucha Underground contract.

"Ive, yes everyone saw," Evans responded. "Who did EVERYONE support? You? No, in fact the wrestlers got together to use this as a catalyst to get you fired and when management heard they got scared about lawsuits, I said if they released me on the spot from my contract everything would be dropped."

"Dude I have no clue what you are talking now," Ivelisse wrote. "All I can talk about is what happened between you and me, which was completely unnecessary, just like this right now...So stop."

Evans currently works for AEW, but hasn't been on TV from travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Ivelisse is set to face Diamante on this Wednesday's Dynamite.