WWE Superstar Sonya Deville recently sat down for an interview with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes where she discussed the current climate in pro wrestling as well as the current COVID-19 pandemic. She talked about working during the pandemic and without a crowd.

“Times are crazy right now, and times are hard for a lot of people,” Deville admitted. “I feel like it’s been really rewarding to me, selfishly as a performer and as a creator, to be able to kind of reinvent myself and to use this no-crowd kind of scenario to do different things. I think we’re blessed, in a way, to be able to perform in times like this.”

Deville has called her current feud with Mandy Rose “one of the most genuine storylines WWE has ever done,” but she was asked when a LGBTQ storyline will happen in WWE. Deville and Rose pitched a LGBTQ storyline, but that was later nixed, and Deville talked about finding the right timing and how WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon has been a help to her.

“So I feel like it’s all about doing it properly and making it mean something when, and if we do it,” Deville noted. “And I don’t think it’s a matter of if, I do think it’s a matter of when and I have, you know, Stephanie McMahon. She’s been a huge part in helping me making all my dreams come to fruition and the inclusivity that I want to see in the company. She kind of has helped forefront that movement and that idea that I’ve had.

“So I think it’s a matter of when and we want to do it the right way and we want to do it so that the community feels represented and supported in the best possible manner. So it’s definitely been something that’s been in talks for a couple years now, and I would love to see it happen in the near future. But once again, timing is everything and we’re going to make sure that it’s done right.”

Deville was also asked about her opinion on intergender wrestling. Deville said that would be a progression in the current women’s evolution, and she hopes that she can be a pioneer of the concept in WWE by winning a men’s championship.

“I’ve always been one for equality, whether it be gender, sexuality, race, religion, I firmly believe that that’s important and that’s part of the progression of the women’s evolution that’s taking place today,” Deville stated. “I mean, we’re in 2020, I think anything’s possible. And I would love to be one of the first women to kind of pioneer that concept.”

Deville gave her thoughts on the #SpeakingOut movement. She talked about how everyone needs to be better and how that starts by creating a conversation. She encourages the movement and shows solidarity with those voicing their stories.

“I think that as a whole, as a culture, whether it be in wrestling or in any other avenue of life, we need to be better and we need to do better,” Deville said. “And I think that the way that I’ve done that and that I’ve seen it worked from my experience is we need to create a conversation, and we need to create a public conversation worldwide.

“We’re all blessed with those platforms to be able to do so, and have our voice, to have our opinions. So I encourage everyone who has faced a horrid situation, like the ones that have been coming out. I encourage them to continue to speak out and do what they feel is right. Bring justice to their horrible situation. And I support them 100 percent and I love you guys. And I think you’re so brave. And our voices are the most powerful thing that we’re entitled to. So use it and use it for good.”