Since winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship, AJ Styles has been undefeated. But, that may change when he faces the former-four time IC champion, Jeff Hardy, this Friday on SmackDown. In his interview with WWE The Bump, Styles mentioned he isn’t nervous at all to face “The Charismatic Enigma.”

“I think Jeff Hardy is an amazing talent there’s no question to that, but as a tag team,” Styles noted. “As a singles competitor [for their match] he isn’t prepared for it, in my opinion. He’s better as a tag team specialist. I think I’m going to run right through him. It’s not going to be super easy, but it’ll be easy.”

Last week, Styles announced that Joseph A. Parks (fka as Abyss/Joseph Parks) was now part of his new analytics team, which will help Styles weed out his competition. He stated in his interview that he found Parks hanging out backstage and thought why not hire him to help him succeed on the blue brand.

“I think he’s been in Orlando this whole time,” he replied. “He’s been doing some great work – that’s why I hired him! The guy is really smart.”

It’s no secret that many find Styles to be one of the greatest modern-day wrestlers of all time. Even Bret Hart thinks so. Styles couldn’t believe that someone that he looked up to, and who helped shape his career, praised his work. Styles was astounded.

“I’ve gotten to know Bret over the years and anyone who watched the WWE in the past knows what Bret Hart brought. He’s everything everybody wants to be,” he complimented. “It’s the small things that he does that makes him so great. Every match that he had was awesome.

“It means a lot for him to sing my praises, and for the other guys to say great things about me. Yeah, I just try to do the little things that make me a better performer.”

Throughout his interview, the panel and Styles discussed his game-changing opponents since his arrival to the WWE. Since Styles’ gimmick is not to commend other performers, he broke kayfabe for a mere second to say what a delight it’s been for him to work with guys like Ricochet. He believes Ricochet is on his way to the top of this industry.

“Well, I can tell you, Ricochet is definitely one of the best high fliers that I’ve ever seen,” he stated. “He’s unbelievable; he’s a talent that will go on to be a much bigger name than he is now. Everything he does just seems so effortless. I have so much respect for him and where he’s come from.”

You can watch AJ Styles full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit WWE The Bump with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.