Enzo Amore Recalls Heated Backstage Incident Between Chris Jericho And Brock Lesnar

Enzo Amore stopped by Busted Open Radio to discuss his wrestling career. This comes off of his appearance at Talk 'N Shop A Mania this weekend, and discussed led him to take a break and to now return.

When it came to the topic of discussing his time in WWE, Enzo detailed a series of ups and downs that pushed him out of the industry entirely. This included the struggles of his friend, Big Cass, at the time as well. But he is optimistic about the future for himself and the wrestling world as well.

"I mean people got to remember, you know like during that time period, where Big Cass was facing some trials and tribulations," Enzo reasoned. "[That] weighed down a lot on what it is that I wanted to do achieve in pro wrestling at that time and where my head was at and we were planning on doing together as opposed to 'now okay Eric, you're on your own again, what are you going to do? How do you see yourself getting involved?'

"I can't say as far as pro wrestling goes, I'm working on some things right now that are fu–ing monumental. That the world is not going to see coming from a million miles away."

His return is something that has been debated by many leading up to his recent appearance. But now that he is back, Enzo definitely seems excited about his new project.

"Something that I'm working on that is going to be very unique that I just can't give any details about and I don't want to blow up smoke up anyone's butt, but we'll see what happens when it happens. Bottom line is wrestling is a part of me and I knew it till I got involved in it again," Enzo excitedly said, but there is a caveat. "But one thing I will say is I couldn't bring myself in this present climate to get out there in front of no fans. I don't want to say rest assured but I can almost guaran-damn-tee you, that you won't see my ass pop up unless its a big ass crowd there because I'm no one without those people. That is what makes pro wrestling."

When it comes to wrestling and Enzo Amore, controversy is a well-known part of the equation. One such incident Enzo recalled involved the infamous ROH angle with the Briscoes at the G1 Supercard event last year at Madison Square Garden. Enzo likened their angle to the real life backstage altercation between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho after SummerSlam 2016.

"There was a real fight that took place that day in the middle of the Garden. Why? Because when you think of Randy and Chris Jericho in SummerSlam [2016], Randy bleeding out. They guys in the locker room are not smart into the business. Jericho leaves that locker room furious. Gets into Gorilla and flips out and causes a fight between Brock and Vince," Enzo said. "Because he in his mind is protecting Randy and the business and he is thinking that Brock is taking liberties on a guy. [No one] in the entire arena whether backstage, in the locker room, in gorilla, in the fu–ing arena, didn't know what the f–k just happened. Very confusing, because it was real."

Enzo respected The Briscoes having the fight after working an entire match.

"When you have the balls like The Briscoes had after a f–king match," Enzo exclaimed in his signature animated fashion. "After a match!! They worked a whole match!! These psychos were down! They saw it. They knew what time it was. Time for a fistfight dawg."

Despite the subsequent gap in appearances, Enzo is very optimistic about wrestling as a whole and making a living.

"If you can make money to pay your bills, feed your children, and not have to work a real job. If all that opportunity means you get to AEW, Ring of Honor, New Japan," Enzo listed off. "I don't care where it is. There's men that have the ability to make a living, being wrestlers. That's all I care about."

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.