On a recent episode of Table Talk with Dvon & Mo, Xavier Woods was on to talk about his recovery from his Achilles injury and his new gig as host of Talking Smack. Woods gave an update to his injury and his return date saying that despite no offical return date, he is moving around actively and still keeping himself busy.

“I’m here and I’m there. I bounce around,” Woods stated. “Normally, when you see somebody get injured in our industry and not all the time, but normally, you don’t really hear about the mind of, they’re back wrestling again or they make their big triumphant return. Your boy stays working. Podcasts, YouTube, Twitch, TV shows, I’m working. I mean, I’m getting to the point where I’m feeling good, I can jump, I can run a little bit. It’s not fully healed yet, but I’ll be right back at work, rather say sooner than later. I don’t have a date yet.”

Despite being advertised as one of the hosts of the return of Talking Smack with Kayla Braxton, The Miz filled in as host. Woods admitted that he was at home and found out about his hosting duties the same time as everyone else. He noted that WWE is a big company and that things can get lost in the shuffle.

“I was at home. I found out when y’all found out,” Woods revealed. “It’s been an adjustment, so I’ll be there soon.

“It’s one of those things. It’s a very large company. You’ll find in any large company, things get lost in the cracks. Things that people thought they told somebody else but didn’t get the chance to, but that person thought somebody else told them. So it’s a regular thing with a company as large as this that’s as successful as this. So it’s not like a bad thing by any means just a little oops. OK, we’re cool. Now we’re on the train tracks again. Let’s get it moving.”

Woods talked about his excitement to host Talking Smack with Braxton and how they plan on paying homage to the people before. He noted he and Braxton will bring something different than the previous hosts of Talking Smack, Renee Young and Daniel Bryan.

“Very much so! Talking Smack was incredible,” Woods remarked. “And obviously, people loved it, the pairing of Renee and Bryan at the time, and it’s going to be something completely different because Kayla [Braxton] and I are completely different people for them, but we hope that we can do it’s justice again, paying homage to the people who came before us. And so, fingers crossed that I continue to get to host it because when someone tells me, ‘Hey, you get to this unscripted television show’. People are always like, ‘What am I going to say?!’ So, we’ll see how long that goes.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.