The charismatic Ricky Starks took full advantage of his opportunity to challenge Cody for the TNT Championship, and ultimately earned himself an AEW contract. Starks is now entangled in an ongoing feud with Darby Allin on weekly AEW television.

Ricky recently joined Pro Wrestling Junkies for a Q & A with fans and touched on a number of topics, including if the ongoing pandemic forced him to leave the NWA, and what his transition from the NWA studio to a larger audience with AEW has been like.

“I wasn’t signed to AEW until my match with Cody aired,” Starks revealed. “I never had a contract with them prior. I was only supposed to go in there that one time and wrestle. I was a free agent because I had already left NWA. My contract actually ended in April and I knew I wasn’t going to re-sign with them, so I was a free agent when I wrestled Cody. Tony Khan offered me the contract after that, unexpectedly.

“Honestly, the jump wasn’t much of a difference to me,” Ricky continued. “For some reason, I felt oddly comfortable and like I fit in already when I got there. There wasn’t really a weird adjustment period for me. I was just there to do work, and try to show out, and impress as much as I could. It was such a cooler experience, though, working in an arena that size when coming from the studio setting.”

After his debut match, he joined forces with Taz and Brian Cage, and has been heavily featured in an ongoing feud with Darby Allin. Starks went on to discuss who’s idea it was for him to pair up with those guys.

“So, Taz saw me in my match with Cody and was super impressed,” Ricky said. “I think what happened there is just trying to add more people to the learning tree for the veterans there. Taz thought it would be a good idea to bring me in and take it upon himself to show me the ropes. He wanted to at least use the opportunity to help me on things that he thought I was missing. It was all just to spice things up, and Taz’s job is to accentuate all the positives that we have going on there.”

Starks has an incredibly bright future, and the program with Darby has been a success up to this point. Ricky went on to discuss some names of people he is really looking forward to working with in the future, as well as who his dream opponent is.

“Definitely want to work Moxley again in a singles format,” Starks said. “Definitely want to work Jungle Boy; those are the two I can think of off the top of my head. As far as working someone that may not be on the roster yet, that’s a hard one. Rey Mysterio – I’d have to say Rey Mysterio, for sure. That’d be good stuff.”

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