On the After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson show, Eric Bischoff gave his thoughts on WWE’s roll-out of RETRIBUTION over the past few weeks. Fair to say, he’s not a fan of what’s been presented so far.

“I think it sucks,” Bischoff said. “Why are they there? What’s the story? What is the inciting incident? What is the motivation? What is the reason that they’re there? ? It maybe had the potential of being a good idea before it wasn’t.”

On this past Monday’s RAW, it was announced WWE had decided to give the stable contracts after numerous incidents with the group disrupting shows. Bischoff went on to say if there’s one thing he’s learned about launching a new character or storyline, there has to be an “inciting incident” with a clear reason for it.

“Whatever storyline you’re going to launch, whatever character you’re going to launch, that angle, that story has to begin with either an inciting incident ? as you would say in the film industry ? or an angle, as you would refer to it probably in wrestling,” Bischoff continued. “But there has to be a reason for it. You have to be able to answer the question, ‘Why?'”

RETRIBUTION member, T-BAR, has since seen Bischoff’s initial thoughts and had an interesting take in response to the former President of WCW.

“Thank you @EBischoff. You are a huge inspiration for #RETRIBUTION! We too aspire to one day destroy a billion dollar wrestling company and bury it under fiery wreckage.”

As noted, T-BAR went toe-to-toe with Chris Jericho yesterday, bringing up Jericho’s band, Fozzy, playing at a big rally in Sturgis during the current pandemic.