Chris Jericho Reveals Backstage Details About His "Le Dinner Debonair" Segment With MJF

Chris Jericho came out after last night's AEW Dynamite finished up to talk with the live crowd. Jericho thanked the fans for coming out to the show and spoke a bit about his musical dinner segment with MJF.

Jericho revealed AEW had about 22 minutes to spare before his and MJF's segment aired, and were up until 2 am that morning getting it filmed.

The reason for MJF and Jericho meeting up was initially to determine if MJF will join Inner Circle. While that wasn't decided at dinner, AEW announced next Wednesday will feature an Inner Circle Town Hall Meeting to decide if MJF teams up with the faction.

As noted, Alex Boniello, an actor and Tony Award-winning producer, congratulated the two wrestlers for their song and dance, which you can see in the video above.