Jim Cornette Responds To Chris Jericho Saying He Could Have Gotten Him A Job With AEW

Jim Cornette has never been shy about sharing his opinions on All Elite Wrestling. Chris Jericho, one of AEW's top stars, has come to the defense of the promotion numerous times, exchanging verbal barbs with the outspoken Cornette on Twitter.

Despite their past arguments, Jericho tweeted that AEW would "probably offer [Cornette] a consultant job" if he would stop constantly criticizing their product. He has since deleted the tweet.

Even after Jericho extended an apparent olive branch, Cornette shut it down. Responding to a fan's screenshot of Jericho's original tweet, Cornette claims he has no desire to work for AEW.

"Chris, I'll tell ya same thing I told Tony a year & a half ago–I'm the only one who'll tell you the truth cause I don't WANT a job. After I've actually SEEN your show, there hasn't been enough money printed to hire me," Cornette wrote.

The Demo-God did not respond directly to Cornette's tweet, but did tell a fan that despite their differences, he wishes "nothing but the best for Jim." The Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla recognized that they are both entitled to their own opinions, but he says Cornette's won't impact him.

"I'm too busy creating magic and entertaining the world to worry about what a grumpy old man thinks," Jericho wrote. "He's entitled to his opinion and I'm entitled to mine. And that is this....AEW rules!"

In the past, Jericho has gone as far as to proclaim Cornette is "banned" from watching AEW's product. Despite The Million Viewer Man's disapproval of Cornette's comments, other top AEW stars have said they don't mind Cornette's remarks.

You can see the related tweets from Cornette and Jericho below: