NWA World Women’s Champion “La Mera Mera” Thunder Rosa made a stop on The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast where she chatted with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman about her in-ring AEW Dynamite debut against Serena Deeb. Many fans have said that Rosa’s AEW debut has helped reinvigorate AEW’s women’s division, and Rosa commented on the fan reaction.

“It’s definitely a humbling feeling that people can feel that one person can make such a huge difference in a company,” Rosa admitted. “I just came in to do a job, but when you can bring positive energy and then you can exude that, people can see that. That to me is a great compliment, but I’ve also worked with fantastic people, Serena Deeb and Shida.

“Those matches were, really, what I think what people wanted to see. We were able to bring that for them, and it’s just like, that’s what sparked the whole thing. And for me, like I said, it’s been wonderful, like numbers wise and my social media with the recognition that I finally feel like I am getting, and it’s just like all this super hard work that I’ve been putting in the last six years is just paying off a little bit. So again, I am very focused and my goal is always to be one of the greatest women’s wrestlers in history.”

Hausman asked Rosa what her impressions of AEW’s women’s division was before making her AEW Dynamite debut. She noted that the women’s division is very young, but she is open to helping them out because they are hard working and eager to learn.

“Well, the women’s division in AEW is very young,” Rosa noted. “[It’s] really really hard to take it to the next height, and the ladies work really hard, like I don’t want to take anything away from any of the ladies that are in the locker room. All of them work really hard in different ways, and it’s a team effort. All of them are working hard to make this a bigger and better division, and when you have an addition of somebody who has more experience and they can help, that definitely enhances the desire of becoming better.

“I am really, like I said, blessed and really happy that I’m working with some of them, and we can give feedback to each other so we can get better. That’s all I’m here for. I just want to make sure that the little time that I’m here or if I’m there for a long time, that I’m gonna be able to bring that, and they’re going to feel comfortable talking to me. And when we make mistakes, nobody’s going to be pointing fingers at each other. It’s just a learning experience.

“I was there before. I was very young when I started [at] Lucha Underground, and I had to assess what I was doing wrong and what I need or work on in order to get better, in order to have better matches. And that’s what we’re trying to do, and that’s what I really like about the women’s division. They’re very open, and it’s different. It’s a different environment, which I really enjoy.”

AEW EVP Kenny Omega has been reportedly working with the women’s division backstage. Rosa confirmed this, and she revealed that she worked personally with Omega throughout her time in AEW.

“He was our agent. Omega for sure,” Rosa revealed. “We have other people that help. I’m not really quite sure on the dynamics yet. I mean, I personally worked with Omega most of the time.”

Rosa admitted that she fan girled when she met Omega. She also revealed that the talent have a lot of input and have the opportunity to ask questions to all of the agents and producers, many of which are legends of the industry.

“When I met him, I totally fan girled out (Rosa makes fan girl sounds). I’m so bad,” Rosa expressed. “I did, but we had a lot of input on what we will like to do on the matches, and I always like to ask for direction because sometimes I want to see certain stuff on TV. And for me, that’s very important.

“I get all this because of Lucha Underground. It was history or like story oriented, so we had to do certain stuff to make sense with what we just did before, you know, all the cool little things. Here it’s different. So I personally worked with Omega. I worked with Dustin [Rhodes].

“All the agents are open when I have questions about how I can improve some stuff. I can go to Jerry Lynn and ask some questions. I can go with some of the legends that are there and ask questions, and they’re very open. It’s a very very chill environment. I really enjoy it.”

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