Andrew Yang: "I Haven't Forgotten About Vince McMahon"

Since Wrestling Inc. exclusively reported on WWE's third party edict in September, superstars and their Twitch/Cameo accounts has dominated the newsfeed.

The edict was passed in early October and mandated that all WWE superstars must cease all activities with third party platforms. This has led to some unrest among WWE talent, as many superstars utilize third party platforms, such as Twitch and Cameo outside of the ring. This edict has resurrected the bigger picture question regarding how WWE classifies their talent, and if restrictions on third party platforms are actually justifiable. Some talent have even toyed with the idea of a wrestlers' union, which has led to some pretty harsh consequences.


While WWE talent may be shy to speak up publicly about the edict considering recent events, those outside the promotion have no problem airing their grievances. 2020 Presidential Candidate and noted pro wrestling fan Andrew Yang has been widely outspoken about his issues with Vince McMahon's operation, and has been strongly critical since the edict was first reported.

Following Zelina Vega's noteworthy firing, a fan reached out to Yang on Twitter to welcome Vega into "the good fight."

Yang responded to this fan, very bluntly stating "I haven't forgotten about Vince McMahon."

Yang has said in an interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast that a Joe Biden victory could put him "in a position to help these performers get what's been owed to them for years." As of last Saturday, Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential Election, and is expected to take office on January 20, 2021. It remains to be seen if Biden will appoint Yang to his cabinet.


Stay tuned for more updates.