Goldberg Talks Sting's AEW Debut, Fans Not Being As Respectful As In The Past

Since returning to professional wrestling in 2016, Goldberg has made sporadic appearances for WWE. The Master of the Jackhammer has won championships, headlined pay-per-views, and even been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Despite his recent success, Goldberg's most famous run still comes in the 1990s, when he went on a 173-match winning streak over the course of two years.


Speaking to Bleacher Report, Goldberg says he was surprised that Asuka was able to embark on her own undefeated streak during her entire NXT run.

"I thought it was something that wasn't going to be replicated for a while, unbeknownst to me that Asuka came out with her streak," Goldberg said. "Hey, hats off to her for doing what she did, but I thought it would be unique for a longer period of time than it actually was."

Despite making his name over two decades ago, Goldberg is still as prominent as ever. While he is not an active member of the WWE roster now, the former WCW star has been rumored to return to the promotion for a WrestleMania match next year. Over in AEW, Goldberg's former locker room peer, Sting, recently made his All Elite debut and confirmed he will be with that promotion for the long run. Goldberg says the monumental reaction Sting's AEW debut received is a testament to WCW's legacy.


"It truly shows you how viable that company was and how viable the competition was back in the day to continue to have value in the business at such a later date," Goldberg stated. "Sting is WCW. Period, end of story. People want to say it was me for a period of time, but he just handed the reins to me for a little bit. Sting is that promotion. That promotion is Sting. Everything I learned, I learned from him. He was an integral part of my process becoming a professional wrestler. I wouldn't have done it without him."

While Goldberg has received positive crowd pops recently, he was widely criticized for his match against the Undertaker at WWE Super Showdown in 2018. Speaking about the fans, Goldberg says he thinks they are more concerned with influencing the show than watching it.

"They're not nearly as respectful as they used to be," Goldberg said. "I think it's more about how they can turn the momentum of the show as opposed to actually being a part of it. They actually want to dictate more so than in the past. They were content just sitting back and being entertained as opposed to dictating what's going on. That's really the biggest difference for me is the crowd."