WWE Referees Share Stories About Brodie Lee

WWE referees Brian Nguyen and Jason Ayers took to social media tonight to share stories about Brodie Lee's (Jon Huber) time in WWE.

As reported yesterday, Brodie Lee passed away at age 41 due to a lung issue.


Brian Nguyen shared a GIF of Lee and wrote, "Knowing that he did this every time. I once stuck a "Suck It Harper" sticker on the post right at eye level. He lost it. After the match, he proceeded to rip off turnbuckle covers and carried the steps up the ramp knowing I had to fix everything."

Jason Ayers replied to Nguyen's story with his own. He shared how he and Charles Robinson would tape the ropes together to "get back" at Lee for messing with the rings.

Ayers tweeted, "Jon was one of my favorite people to work a live event with. He was notorious for messing with the rings, knowing the refs had to fix them.I lost count of how many times he took our tag ropes off and threw them into the crowd. To get him back, on one show, @WWERobinson and I taped the tag ropes together, using about half a roll. I'll never forget his face as he spent the entire match on the apron tearing off tape. I'll miss ya, big man. #RIPBrodieLee"


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