On tonight’s Dynamite, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and KENTA defeated Jon Moxley and Lance Archer in a Falls Count Anywhere/Anything Goes Match. Omega received some help from the Impact World Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers as he put Archer down with one winged angel.

Afterwards, the group spoke to the media and wanted to clear the air with their fellow Bullet Club members in NJPW. For weeks, Tama Tonga has called out their U.S. counterparts for claiming to be Bullet Club when they are no longer active members.

Jay White even spoke up, calling the reunion “corny.”

“It’s still my era! It is the real era,” White proclaimed earlier this month. “I’m still Bullet Club. I’m real Bullet Club. This is real Bullet Club right here! We’re not a cheap rip-off trying to recreate the past, to regain some relevance and doing corny reunions just so you can sell sh**ty t-shirts to you all, but of course, you all still buy them because you are you. This is real Bullet Club. Let me tell you what real Bullet Club is about. It’s about change. It’s about moving forward. It’s about progression. It’s not about living in the past. It’s not about going backwards.”

Callis responded to their comments, noting it was a good thing they left to allow for other wrestlers in NJPW to move up the ladder.

“We take all that can be taken — and then we take a little more,” Callis said. “But I actually feel a little bit bad because look — the bottom line is when the three brothers left the Bullet Club, it left an opportunity for some midcard guys to move up the chain and fly the flag.”

Callis continued to throw some jabs, asking fans to help support the NJPW group by buying their merchandise.

“Those guys are good guys, but you don’t replace Michael Jordan,” Callis said pointing at Omega. “I think the Bullet Club guys in Japan are great, I’m not familiar with what the names are just yet, but they’re flying the flag. I would like to put a stop all of these bad feelings. You know, they called us corny? I don’t know how you get over using words like that, but listen, I’d like to encourage all the fans out there, please, buy the merch. Let’s get them back in the Top 40 on Pro Wrestling Tees.”

You can see his full comments in the clip below.