WWE SmackDown Superstar Murphy had an interesting exchange with former WWE Superstar Andrade earlier this week.

As noted, WWE announced Andrade’s release on Sunday night after the Fastlane pay-per-view. Murphy responded to WWE’s release announcement and praised Andrade, noting that he is glad Andrade is happy once again.

“Legit on the best in the world! Sad to not share locker room with you anymore but so happy that your happy! Amigos 4 Life!,” Murphy wrote.

Andrade responded and said WWE needs to give Murphy a chance.

“Thanks Pe…. you are great too they just need to give you the chance [fist emoji x 3],” Andrade wrote back.

Murphy has not responded to Andrade’s tweet but he did “like” the post.

Murphy’s WWE status has been a hot topic among fans for a while now with many feeling like he deserves better booking from the company. Murphy’s last big storyline was a few months back with The Mysterio Family and Seth Rollins. He recently made somewhat of a heel turn and could be back on the same page as Rollins for the time being.

WWE’s Angel Garza also tweeted on Andrade’s departure this week. Garza and Andrade briefly feuded at the end of Andrade’s run but they spent several months teaming together, led by Zelina Vega.

“Always watching our backs, best of luck [email protected] success wherever you go … as we say in the north ‘He who is a good rooster, sings wherever he wants’ [fist emoji x 2 [Mexico flag emoji],” wrote Garza, translated by Google.

Andrade responded and said he hopes WWE gives Garza what he deserves.

“Thanks Carnal! My best wishes and I hope they give you what you deserve !! [fist emoji x 3],” wrote Andrade, translated by Google.

As we’ve noted, Andrade has a similar exchange this week with WWE SmackDown Superstar Aleister Black, who is reportedly dealing with injuries. You can click here for that report. Their exchange came shortly after Black’s wife, Thea Trinidad (fka Zelina Vega), sent a post-release message to Andrade, which you can read here.

Andrade is reportedly free to work for other promotions now as he does not have a 90-day non-compete clause. He took to Twitter earlier today and teased a possible return to his “La Sombra” gimmick from CMLL and NJPW.

Stay tuned for more on Andrade’s post-WWE status. You can see his exchanges below with Murphy, Garza and Tucker:

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