RUSH Reacts To Andrade Requesting His WWE Release

As Wrestling Inc. first reported today, former U.S. Champion Andrade requested his WWE release earlier this week. It's also notably gotten the attention of Andrade's friend and current ROH Champion Rush, who tweeted out:


The ties between Rush and Andrade date back to CMLL, the oldest wrestling promotion in the world. Andrade would wrestle there under the name La Sombra until he joined WWE in late 2015.

While there he and Rush formed the stable Los Ingobernables, a heel faction consisting of former fan favorites rejected by the fans. The group is widely considered one of the keys to helping revitalize CMLL business in the mid 2010's.

In addition to Rush and Andrade, Los Ingobernables included names like former WWE star Mark Jindrak (renamed Marco Corleone) and New Japan star Tetsuya Naito. Naito's popular stable, Los Ingobernables de Japon, is in fact an off shoot of the original group.


Rush and Andrade have remained friends since Andrade joined WWE. It was reported when Rush first signed with ROH that Andrade had advised him from joining WWE.