Savio Vega On Which WWE Star He Sees Being A “Big Megastar”

Savio Vega appeared on WWE's The Bump this morning and chatted about Bone Street Krew. The group, known as BSK, was a kliq of friends who rode together while working for WWE in the mid 90's.

"It was about love and respect man," Vega said. "When I met all them; Taker, Papa, I knew Yokozuna and Rikishi from Puerto Rico and Japan. To meet those guys, be with them, hang with them, crack jokes together. Man we never had an argument.


"It was about love. Love and respect. When WWE called me to be at the Survivor Series for Taker's retirement, I was like yes. Twenty years later to see all the guys together, we had such a good time. Loved it; would love to do it again."

Vega also discussed Damian Priest, a fellow Puerto Rican talent. Vega admitted that Priest has a chance to make it big.

"I'm happy to see this guy make it," said Vega. "He has a lot of time to grow up and get more muscle, get more experience. And I know that's going to happen.

"I guarantee you the sky is the limit for him. I see him as a big, big, mega superstar."

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