Andrade Heading To Federacion Wrestling Press Conference?

Andrade is on the move. The former WWE and CMLL star took to Twitter earlier today to reveal he is flying out of his home in Orlando.

"El Rey is on the move! I can go wherever I want," Andrade tweeted, while listing he was flying out of the Orlando International Airport. He offered no further details.

Later this afternoon will be the inaugural press conference for the newly formed Federacion Wrestling promotion out of Mexico. The promotion, who's owner has yet to be revealed, has made waves in announcing ROH stars Bandido, Bestia del Ring, Dragon Lee, Kenny King, Matt Taven, Rey Horus and ROH World Champion Rush as part of the roster. AEW stars Penta El Zero M and Rey Fenix have also been announced as affiliated with the group.

The involvement of Taven and King with Federacion was said to be the driving factor in the dissolution of the CMLL/Ring of Honor partnership announced earlier this week. Andrade, a close friend and former Los Ingobernables stablemate with Rush, has been rumored to been involved with Federacion since its initial announcement, though he has yet to be confirmed.

Andrade was released from WWE on March 21, one week after requesting his release from the promotion. Unlike the wrestlers released several weeks after him, Andrade was granted a release with a noncompete clause, allowing him to work immediately.

Despite that, the former NXT Champion has yet to make any wrestling appearances since his WWE departure. His only known booking as of now is a match with Alberto El Patron (former WWE star Alberto Del Rio), scheduled for an event in early July.