AEW’s Chris Jericho sat down with Arda Orcal of SportsNation to talk both wrestling and hockey, in an interview that will be released next week. In a teaser you can see below, Jericho revealed the inspiration for the parley segment seen this past week on AEW Dynamite, building up to the Blood and Guts match between Jericho’s Inner Circle stable and MJF’s Pinnacle stable.

“We’ve never heard that word in wrestling before,” Jericho said of the word perlay. “I got it from Pirates of the Caribbean. I had to Google it. What is it called? I was like the real Captain Jack Sparrow. ‘Parsley, parsnip, parley! It’s a parley!’

“What is a parley? That’s where you get the head of the two armies that meet before the battle to discuss the terms. You see it in Game of Thrones quite often. The two horses ride off, they talk, the ride back to their armies and thousands of people go and kill each other.”

Jericho noted that the idea of a segment without physicality intrigued him.

“So I thought ‘can we actually do a promo segment that actually has no physicality and no run ins? Sure we can’,” Jericho said. “Even Max at first was like ‘well should I punch this guy? Punch this guy?’ No physicality. It’s just right down to business.

“As Pat Patterson used to say, we know that we have the match next week. The match is made. There’s no reason to fight until then. You just tell each other how much you’re going to fight each other, how much you hate each other and what you’re going to do to each other, which builds up the anticipation and the desire to see this match. And I think we’ve done a great job at doing that.”

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